Guardian Fencing System - Childcare Equipment
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Guardian Fencing System

Baby Barrier Fence

Guardian Gated Fencing System



An adjustable length 75cm high dividing fence made up of easy to connect 60cm. long panels. 1 panel incorporates a 44cm wide child safety gate. Panels may be quickly added to or taken away from the fence to make up the required length or to adjust the length of the fence to suit various locations. Panels may be joined together at any of a multiple of angles to make the overall length of the fence any shape. By joining together each end of the fence a circle, square or any other shape of enclosed area can be created to either use as a play area or to enclose or isolate dangerous objects or areas. Rooms or parts of rooms may be divided off from the rest of the room.

By attaching the set of easy release wall fittings a location may be set up so as to run the fence from wall to wall in various shapes. The easy release wall fittings not only lock the fence to the wall, they also allow a multiple of angles at which the fence may start out from the wall. All joining & release fittings are designed to be very difficult for children to attempt to manipulate. The Sentry Guardian fence is not designed to be left outdoors in the weather.

Price $249.95

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Sentry Fencing
Portable Fencing System
Guardian Fence System
Baby Proof Fence
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Guardian Sentry Fence
Sentry Fence
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ONE UNIT OF 6 PANELS being 5 fence panels & 1 gate panel is 3.66m (11’ 10″) long. If longer length needed add 60cm panels as required. Add 1 x 60cm fence panel for each extra 60cm overall length required.  No limit to the number of fence panels that can be added.
Baby Barrier Fence

ITEM 515 GUARDIAN GATED 6 PIECE FENCE PACK WITH WALL FITTINGS – 5 x 60cm fence panels plus 1 x 60cm gate panel with a set of wall fittings for both walls. White or black.

PRICE $249.95

ITEM 526 One GUARDIAN 61cm fence panel. White or black.

PRICE  $64.95

ITEM 530WF – One GUARDIAN set of additional wall fittings (1 set is already supplied with the 6 piece fence – gate pack above. Set contains 2 fittings being one for each wall. White or black.

PRICE  $59.95