Small Toddler Bed - Childcare Equipment
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Small Toddler Bed

beginners bed
smaller kids bed
small toddler bed

Small Bed – Beginner Bed

Manufactured specifically for childcare centres

Floorspace required 137cm long x 74cm wide (Standard Cot Mattress)

  • Mattress is low to the floor so that children can slide on to and off the bed easily & safely.
  • The bed base is only 9cm above floor level leaving a low 6.5cm air gap between the floor and the bottom of the base.
  • The 10cm thick foam mattress sits just above the level of the side and end rails so that children can easily slide on to and off the mattress.
  • The top of the 10cm thick mattress is only 19cm above the floor.
  • The foam mattress is fully covered in a commercial grade heavy duty waterproof vinyl cover (mattress size is 130cm long & 69cm wide being a standard cot size mattress)
  • The innerspring mattress is covered in a nursery print material with one side covered in a waterproof vinyl. (Mattress size is 130cm long & 69cm wide being a standard cot size mattress)
  • All rounded & smooth corners & edges.
  • All gaps, measurements & spaces are manufactured in compliance with the latest & current Australian Cot Standard 2172
  • Strong tubular steel – strong weld mesh base – powder coated white – non toxic powder coating.
  • Plastic tipped easy glide non scratch legs – easy to take apart for storage

Price $198.95

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smaller kids bed

411 Small Bed – Beginner Bed – white powder coated

PRICE $198.95

Cot Mattress

125 Foam cot mattress – heavy duty waterproof vinyl

PRICE  $119.95

Cot Mattress

222 Innerspring cot mattress – one side waterproof viny

PRICE  $89.95

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PRICE  $16.95

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PRICE  $18.95

Cot Sheets

SBFIS Fitted sheet with top sheet attached – 100% cotton – white

PRICE  $24.95

215B Open weave airflow cot blanked 100% cotton

PRICE  $19.95

131P Cot pillow – washable polyester – white

PRICE  $10.95

102PC Cot pillowcase – 100% cotton – white

PRICE  $4.95